Tallahassee, Florida

We came back to Florida to tour the state’s Capitol in Tallahassee. There are actually two Capitol buildings one in front of the other.
The old Capitol is a masonry structure. It was completed and used by the new state in 1845, but by the 1880’s the state began to grow and by 1891 the Capitol needed some repair. The building was not only repaired but also had several additions over the years. Marcus and Caroline had fun working on a artifact scavenger hunt in the old Capitol. After the new Capitol was built this building was going to be torn down, but was saved and preserved by Tallahassee citizens.

The new Capitol is designed to reflect modern Florida. The 22 story building was completed in 1977. We took the elevator to the observation deck on the top floor. What a view! We looked in on the House of Representatives and the Senate. They are each inclosed in large glass walls. Almost like being in a fish tank. The rotunda had a display of facts about the state of Florida. Several art pieces reflected the states tie to France, Spain, the United Kingdom and well as the Confederacy. This is the most modern Capitol we have seen so far.



There is our truck, Great White, in the parking lot!

We also visited the Florida State History Museum.  We learned about the resources in Florida.  We saw how turpentine was harvested from trees and the roll Florida played in the Civil War.


We even saw a very early camper!



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One thought on “Tallahassee, Florida

  1. Gary and Joan Stephens

    Very nice. Thank you, Marcu and Caroline, for the nice Disney card.

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