It’s Been One Year…….

Well one year has gone by almost in the blink of an eye.  Has it really been a whole year?  We have learned many things in this past year about history, nature and ourselves. I enjoy writing about places we have gone and things we have seen.  I am not really good at writing about my feelings, but over the past few weeks reading others blogs I feel I need to do this or I will regret it.

This trip began as a dream.  Could this really be done?  Could we do it?  I wish I would have read more blogs about people living this way and many of our fears would have been calmed. But maybe we just needed to figure this out on our own.  We pulled out of our parking spot in Tunkhannock on March 6th not really knowing what we were doing.  We had only taken our rig out for a couple of test runs.  Well thankfully it turns out Marc is an awesome truck driver and camper parker so that makes things a lot easier.

We quickly discovered there was no way we could make it to all 50 states in a year.  That really wasn’t possible for us and now that the year has ended I am go glad we didn’t even try.  We are not ready for this journey to be over.  We learned how much we love our 400 square foot home and how much maintenance a camper is.  We have made a few changes as we went along.  Marc removed carpeting, installed vinyl floors and back splashes in the bathroom and kitchen and did some repairs to the slides.  I removed wall paper and redid the curtains in the living area.

Although this may sound crazy we have learned to remove our expectations of planning too far in advance.  Sometimes the best plans come hours or minutes before we make the decision.  It requires us to live in the minute.  I never thought I could be that kind of person, but that is what this journey is all about….learning new things.  It is hard when friends and family ask “where are you going next?” We try to answer the best we can.

Our lives are changed forever.  We have always known we were minimalist in style, but even now we feel like we are carrying around too much stuff.  This journey has taught us to be accepting of others.  This is right for us, but each person and family needs to reach down inside and find what is right for them.

We have learned so much and seen such a variety of God’s creations there is no way I could  summarize it all.  Most of all we have learned to be happy being together and fully enjoy the interactions we have with others.  We have been able to see people we would have never been able to without this journey.  We have been able to connect with family and old friends across the country and make new friendships along the way.  With each interaction we feel more connected in a personal way to those we meet.

The hardest part of this is being away from friends and family.  We try to stay connected, but life moves at a fast pace for everyone.  We have missed out on births, new houses, parties and holiday celebrations, but we hope you know we would be there if you really needed us.   You can always call, email or text if you want to check in.

Where does this journey end…..only God knows the answer.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Been One Year…….

  1. Zoreh

    Hay Connie,
    This an amazing journey, which many of us wish could have been able to do. The camper looks great , I love to see the inside. Looks spacious. I am sure you are going to visit Yosemite and Kings Canyon National park, we live rather live close to the parks. Let us know when you are in the area. So much to see and learn. Enjoy!!

  2. geanna

    Hey Connie, Marcus , Marcus & Caroline
    We have been following you guys on this journey since day 1. Aidan is always asking about the twins and where they have been , what they’ve seen , so I just go on here and there you are, sharing your greatest adventures
    Thank you for sharing it with us, It means more than you know
    Stay Blessed, continue your journeys, whether it be this one or a new one coming, we’ll always be here to support you guys

  3. Chris

    Hi Connie,
    I have enjoyed every picture and email from you about your journey. I’m always eager to open up my email to find out where you are now. I have learned a lot through your pictures and stories…I know I’ll never get to visit what you have seen in my lifetime. I hope you continue the journey and wish you good health, safety and happiness. You are always in my prayers!

  4. Debbie and Kevin

    WOW…a whole year on the road and still going. Marcus and Caroline, you are so blessed to have a mommy and daddy that have been able to show you what others can only dream about! Stay safe…and thank you for the picture of the Grand Canyon!

  5. Eddie & Mom

    Connie. Marc, Caroline & Marcus, We are so proud of you for making this dream of yours come true! It brings tears every time I read this blog, not because I’m sad, but happy you are doing it. We love you so much!!

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