Our Stay on the Greenbelt in Boise

We had decided to spend a week in Boise, Idaho. Well let me take that back. I had decided we needed to spend a week in Boise. I follow a blog of an adventurous full timing couple who we met in Mesa, Arizona. She writes reviews on the places she stays and when I read her blog about Boise I had decided I wanted to stay at Riverside RV, right on the greenbelt. You can check out her blog at http://wheelingit.wordpress.com/ I think Marc felt we would get bored after a few days.

Here is how we spent our week. We rode our bikes over 55 miles while we were here. We rode to the Capitol, a first for us. We rode 25 miles one day on the beautiful paved trail next to the Boise River. That is a new record for Marcus and Caroline. The Saturday we were there was Idaho Free Fishing Day so Marc took the kids to fish right on the river near the campground. They didn’t catch anything, but what a great place to fish on the shaded banks of the Boise River.

On our bike rides Caroline had spotted a great place to swim. On Sunday afternoon we biked over and they had a great time jumping and diving in the lake. Several evenings we biked away from downtown. We met a nice lady to stopped us to tell us about the nesting Herons. Wow it was like nothing I have ever seen before. Hundreds of birds with huge nest full of baby birds waiting to be fed! They come here every year to mate and have there young. It was sure loud with all of those babies yelling for food.

Next to the campground is the Boise Fairgrounds. At this time of year they have horse races twice a week at the fairgrounds. We kept hearing them announce the races so we decided to check it out. We had fun on Saturday afternoon at the horse races. A new experience for us. Also in the parking lot of the fairgrounds were some Porsche owners racing their cars.

One of the other great things about Boise is the thrift stores. Now I know that may sound funny, but if you know me you know I really don’t like throwing good things away and I don’t like wasting money. Well the Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores are terrific. Very clean and well organized. We bought Caroline a new to her 15 speed bike and no exaggeration 40 books. When we are not doing school work Caroline can read 5 or 6 books a day and it can get expensive finding good children’s literature for her. We also went to several other Goodwill and Thrift stores. They are all over in Boise. I really appreciate reusing our resources. Garbage dumps are full enough!

On that note, we have been looking for a new couch. Ours is just took up so much space and we never used the sofa bed part because it was so uncomfortable. We just couldn’t find one that was just what we wanted. We searched on line and at Ikea for the perfect solution. Just wasn’t out there. I wanted one large enough the kids and I could sit and read on, but one that didn’t take up so much real estate in our small home. Marc had a great idea. He disassembled our couch removed the arms. Used some plywood and constructed a new frame and reupholstered it. It is just what I wanted. Seating space without the arms!

As we pulled out of out of our parking space at Riverside RV, Marc said, “where has this week gone? It just flew by.” And it had.

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One thought on “Our Stay on the Greenbelt in Boise

  1. Eddie & Mom

    What a great blog! It’s so much fun hearing & seeing what you’ve been doing. Look forward to the next one. Love Ya! Mom

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