World’s Best Roadschooling Convention (April 2014)

For the past week we have been at Lazydays KOA in Tucson, Arizona at the Fulltime Families World’s Best Roadschooling Rally. This morning with heavy hearts we pulled up the landing gear and headed north. This week isn’t one I would have wanted to miss for anything. This week filled my head and filled my heart. It filled my head with questions and with new ideas. Is the way we teach the best way? If you really know me, you know how passionate I am about imparting knowledge to my children. So these questions really shook my world. But as quickly as these questions invaded my brain love and acceptance filled my heart. I know about now you think I have flipped my lid, but this week at The World Best Roadschooling Convention has been that kind of week.

We arrived a few days before the rally started and were greeted by ten families we already knew and two we just met. The kids were so happy to get to get reaquainted with old friends and make new ones. Our first night there our neighbors served everyone gumbo for dinner. The next day the kids and I went with several other families to The Mini Time Machine: A Museum of Miniatures We spent a couple hours looking at the amazing miniatures. It was so great Marcus and Caroline could investigate this place with friends.

On Wednesday, Marc and I took the kids to the Biosphere 2. We really enjoyed this and it made us ask ourselves questions about how we live and the food we eat.

Marcus’ days were spent doing computer programing lessons, making rainbow loom creations, swimming, and hanging out with friends. Caroline really had fun hula hooping. She spent time with friends, she juiced tens of grapefruits off the trees in the campground and enjoyed her freedom to visit with everyone. It is like being in a neighborhood of just your friends.

Before the rally started about 20 more families arrived at the campground. Most were other fulltimers, but some were just getting ready to start their adventure. Over the next three days I made natural beauty products with the Thrifty Belle, exchanged curriculum ideas with other moms, attended a 31 demonstration, learned how to create and use lap books and study guides with Road Trip Teacher  and listened to a panel discussion on unschooling. Even though we all have different ideas about schooling the people in this group are so accepting and so willing to share what works for them. They encourage me to stretch my creativity and better educate my children’s growing minds.

During the rally Marcus and Cali did arts and crafts, played games, learned about creative writing and listened to stories. They each bought a new Usbourne book Marcus chose The Encyclopedia of World History which goes along with this years study of world history. Cali chose an Usbourne book of war stories. She loves history related reading. Caroline learned how to make her own chapstick and participated in an egg drop experiment. They each created their own vision boards. Cali’s had pictures of tropical places. Marcus filled his with as many interesting things and inventions. I am sure like me the best part was just being around friends who live like they do.

Marc and I stopped in at Lazydays to check over some campers. Marc worked everyday, but took some time out to take a Class A driving class. He has only ever pulled a fifth wheel so thought it would be a good idea to try something new. He learned about how to improve our internet on the road and had discussions with many other dads about trucks, travel and anything under the sun. He enjoys sharing his truck with others and even took Kimberly for a test drive.

After the kick off of the rally we had a parade of homes.  I really enjoy seeing what other families have done.  On Thursday evening one of our neighbors cooked hotdogs for us all. Then we headed to meet all the families for dessert. The keynote speaker was Lisa Cottrell-Bentley. She writes one of our favorite series of books, Wright on Time She also publishes like minded positive books through her publishing company Do Life Right Her message of “If Not Now, When?” hit home. We all need to decided what it is we truly want and make it a reality.

Early Friday morning I started my chili for the Chili Cook off. After spending the day We all put on our western wear and headed to the chili cook off. My western chicken chili won second prize. I guess I should have made it spicier! We spent the evening dancing to a live country band!  My friend Clementine took some of these cute pictures.

On Saturday night there was a Murder Mystery Pizza dinner. I played the part of Annabelle, the daughter of the murder victim. About 20 of us had parts. During dinner we read parts and told what we knew about what had happened. Come to find out I was the guilty one (which even I didn’t know until the end.) After dinner there was a for fun auction with lots of goodies. Over the rally you could earn rally cash that you could spend at the auction.

On Sunday a large group headed to the Sanoran Desert Museum.  We saw raptor presentations that were amazing and Marcus’ favorite was seeing a rattlesnake and gila monster up close in a cool presentation.  Cali and I loved all the flowers.

Today as I go about educating my children I am pulled in all different directions.  How much is enough?  How much is too much?  I have so many more doubts now than before I attended this convention.   What eases some of my confusion is the knowledge that I have all these remarkable women standing behind me ……..cheering……….I thank you all and God for putting you in my life.

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9 thoughts on “World’s Best Roadschooling Convention (April 2014)

  1. Yvonne and Steve

    Oh my good friends…always so interesting reading. Glad you loved Apache Mountain and now Tucson. Glad you all had a great time…looked great in your western outfit.
    Now young lady…never question how much or how little you teach your kids. You are both fantastic parents, teaching your kids so much more than the normal. You are a family living a great lifestyle. I tell everyone about you cuz I am so proud of you.keep going….
    Home now after 8 full months..not a boring day…now working so hard cleaning everything..the traveller, all the bags full of leaves…..miss it….but until we meet again…take care, love you,
    P.S come for a visit

  2. Do More Than Exist

    I love this, especially all the wonderful pictures. I am so glad we were neighbors and our kids played well together. I hope we see you down the road soon!

  3. I love your recap! Thanks for being a part of the event – and special thanks to Marc for his driving lesson!! Love all the pics!!! Can’t wait to see you again down the road!

  4. Now I get why you were all duded up! Sounds so fun. Wish we had been there. The great thing is, we were in Florida with the rest of this great roadschooling crew. I really wasn’t having nearly as much fun traveling before we met all you FTFs!

  5. Looks like you had a great time at the convention. Wish I could have attended, but there is always next time. Thanks for sharing your experience with us 😉

  6. Hope you had a wonderful Easter! I did and all kids home but the Virginia gang and they were alone and went hiking with Shadow,there dog on the Blue Ridge parkway. Have a wonderful time in Redding with all the gang. Love Aunt Ruth

  7. Hope you got this.

  8. Toni

    Hi, do you know if the convention is going to be an annual event? I’d love to go once we are on the road next year.

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