Polly’s Point

We have spent the past week at Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Ron’s in Redding, California. They have the cutest signs that say Polly’s Point Campground.  Polly is there dog.  My mom and Eddie met us there and just like last year we had a wonderful week. Sometimes it is really nice not to be in a public campground.20140427-163515.jpg

Marc had a few projects he wanted to do on the truck and the camper and campgrounds usually frown upon mantenience work. Ron even fabricated a new tool Marc had been wanting to make for some time. They named it the Sindorf 4X Wonderbar. It is a torque multiplier for tightening the lug nuts on the truck.20140427-163439.jpg

Aunt Jeanne, my mom, Cali and I spent an afternoon shoping. Caroline of course enjoyed spending time with her grandma and aunt. She painted, hug laundry, played with the cats, took walks, read, did crafts and planted flowers.

Marcus enjoyed riding uncle Ron’s four wheeler, playing with the cats and Polly, shooting guns, and hanging out with Eddie and Uncle Ron.

Again this year we went to Kool April Nights Car Cruise. It really is such a unique experience to sit and watch the wide variety classic, hot rod, rat rod and antique military vehicles drive past.  There were about 1,750 cars registered this year.  Grandma, Grandpa Eddie, Aunt Jeanne, Uncle Ron and Cousin Jerry joined us for this one of a kind event. We sat in front of the Dairy Queen for two hours gawking as the cars drove by.

Cousin Jerry came to spend some time with us.  Marcus just loves to hang out with him.  He even had some cool activities planned for us.  Marcus and Caroline learned how to make firecracker shooters with PVC pipe.  We learned about gun safety and did some target practicing.  I am a better shot than I thought.

One day Aunt Jeanne packed a picnic and we headed to Wiskeytown Lake.  Marcus and Cali were overjoyed to have a creek to play in.  We took in the fabulous views and just had fun being together.

One of the best things about having a mobile lifestyle is that you can visit friends and family more often.   If we lived in a stationary house we would have commitments that would keep us from traveling at will. I  can not express enough the joy I feel in visiting and getting to know people I otherwise may have only seen every five years.  We enjoyed slowing down, taking walks, playing games and spending time with special people.  Marc and I were even treated to a night out.  Thanks Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Ron for everything.

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2 thoughts on “Polly’s Point

  1. Yvonne and Steve

    Again another nice time. You two look great. Miss you, Yvonne

  2. Yvonne and Steve

    My aunt lives in Redding and we have stopped there now twice. Love the bridge. We even did a dam tour in the pouring rain, but still learnt a lot. We are now busily making a shed for our new solar batteries and equipment. The old batteries are almost dead, so it is time to change to 24 volts, fewer but bigger batteries and another 1000 watts of solar panels. Real interesting living off the grid. Then we will have to do the roofs. This should help you with your decision of doing this full time. Yvonne. P.S. But I am also planing my garden….couldn’t do it last year.

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