Pipestone National Monument

We stopped at Pipestone National Monument on our way across Minnesota.  The stone found there  has been used by all the tribes of the Great Plains to make pipes.  The Pipestone or Catlinite is redish in color and found under feet of rocks and dirt.  The pipes made from the stone are used in ceremonies.  There are different pipe designs.  We watched a carver making a pipe.  We used tools to shape Pipestone.  It was very difficult to cut.  We walked on the Circle Trail to see some quarries where the Pipestone was  mined.  There is about 10 feet of Quartzite that has to be removed, on top of one foot of Pipestone.  We watched a film on the area and completed the Junior Ranger Program.  This was our twelfth National Park visit in the past month.  Pipestone was very interesting.

Written by Marcus William Perry

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