Our 11th Birthday in the Dells

For our birthday Mom and Dad took us to Mt. Olympus water and theme park. We arrived in the Wisconsin Dells the day before our birthday. As soon as we got settled in we went to the park. We went on a couple go-karts courses first, until we got hot. Marcus and I where happy because we were tall enough to drive them. We did two, Poseidon’s under-water go-kart track and another one. Then we walked over to the water park. Marcus and I had the best time going down almost all the slides in the upper water park. Then we went to the indoor water park. That was our favorite place to ride water slides. It was a nice day out so everyone was at the outdoor water park and we didn’t have to wait in many lines. My favorite slide was the Dimondback. It was a completely enclosed water slide. At every corner you got swished up on to the sides. Marcus and I were so tired by the end we didn’t go back after dinner.

We went to bed and the next morning we got up and it was July 23, our birthday!! We were officially 11. After a delicious breakfast of pacos, Which are pancakes with all kinds of different filling in them, like sprinkles and marshmallows. We went to the Wizard Quest the morning of our birthday.  You go on a scavenger hunt to free four wizards.  We were able to free two of the wizards.  It was enthralling.

We each had our own type of dessert.  Dad and I made Key Lime pudding.  It is Key Lime pie without the crust.  It was yummy.  Marcus made s’more pie.  It was pretty good too.

We went back to Mount Olympus and waited in line to go on some go-karts. After lunch we went back ready to have some fun at the water park. We started at the indoor water park and made our way to the outdoor water park. Then we noticed the line for the racers slides was really short. After we climbed up to the race platform, we were gasping for breath. We got up to the slide and laid on our mats. The life guard blew his whistle and we were off. Well everybody else was off. I got stuck at the top and had to push myself. We went back up and tried again. I got stuck again. Then we went again. This time I managed to push of and beat everybody else. We went on a total of 5 times. We went home and had dinner. Marcus and I watched TV and then went off to bed.

Next morning we were ready to go back. We finished going on all of the go-kart tracks and then went back to the water park. At four o’clock we packed up and drove 2 hours to a Cabella’s parking lot for the night. I had a great 3 days at Mt. Olympus water and theme park.

Written by Cali

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5 thoughts on “Our 11th Birthday in the Dells

  1. Yvonne and Steve

    Happy Birthday. Glad you had a good day. Time does go bye, hopefully will see you this season, Yvonne and Steve

  2. Happy birthday!! I miss you so much. Sounds like you had lots of fun.

  3. Rick Garboden

    Happy Birthday Marcus and Cali, WOW you had a wonderful 11th birthday. We are home now in Oregon from our 2+ month long trip. We have stopped at many of the same places this year as your family has. Reading about your adventures gave me a smile as it made me remember ours. Happy and safe travels. Rick and Jenn

  4. Looks fun!

  5. Gary and Joan Stephens

    Sorry this is so late, I’m trying to catch up on business. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday.
    Happy Birthday a bit late.

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